- Unique Fantasy Blades and Wicked Weapons -
Movie Props from Lord of the Rings, 300 Spartans, Darksiders, God of War and Chronicles of Riddick!

Covenant Titanium Color Fantasy Sword
Covenant Titanium Color Fantasy Sword
Covenant Titanium Color Fantasy Sword:
Own the sword from your favorite video game! This sword is life-sized and looks exactly like the sword used in one of the most popular video games around! Defeat the bad guys and marvel at the beauty in your hands!
Gaming sword replica.
440 stainless steel construction.
Heat treated Titanium color coating.
27 inches overall with 7 inch blades.

Retail: $69.95

SALE: $48.95

Skull Mayhem Gauntlet
Skull Mayhem Gauntlet
Skull Mayhem Gauntlet:
This shocking skull gauntlet is the fantasy "Must Have" item of the year! This collectible measures 13" overall in length and features four stainless steel blades and multiple spikes with a cast metal molded skull and hand grip. It features Peircing stainless steel blades, an Intricately detailed cast metal skull and a Hand grip for wielding. Includes wooden display plaque.

Retail: $39.95

SALE: $26.95
Lunar Legacy Combat Sword With Leather Sheath
Lunar Legacy Combat Sword With Leather Sheath
Lunar Legacy Combat Sword With Leather Sheath:
This Lunar Legacy combat sword features rock hard, all-stainless steel full-tang construction. The fantasy cut-out design, coupled with the knuckle guard and firece curved blade, give the Lunar Legacy a unique look. The blue pakkawood handle and accents add tons of zing and just the right amount of elegance. Includes leather sheath. Measures 20-1/2 inches overall.

Retail: $29.95

SALE: $18.95
Kit Rae Death's Head Dagger and Wall Plaque
Kit Rae Death's Head Dagger and Wall Plaque
Kit Rae Death's Head Dagger and Wall Plaque:
Don't wait to purchase the latest creation of fantasy sword designer Kit Rae! The Death's Head, or dagger of the Valegil, chief necromancer in service to the Dark One. Valegil uses this enchanted dagger to veil himself in a red mist, allowing him to dispatch his enemies unseen. Features a sculptural metal hand guard and pommel, a fullered blade, and genuine leather wrapped grip. Includes a wall display plaque and certificate of authenticity. Each piece is Serial Numbered on the Blade. 10-7/8 inch blade, 20-1/2" overall.

Retail: $82.00

SALE: $46.95
Grim Reaper Sickle
Grim Reaper Sickle
HUGE 79-inch Grim Reaper Sickle:
As death personified, the Grim Reaper strikes a chord of fear almost everyone. Still there are those who, however frightened by it, are still fascinated by the Grim Reaper. To satisfy that curiosity and fascination, we have for you this brand new Grim Reaper Sickle! This sickle is the real deal! It's made as realistic and as much like the classically depicted versions of the Grim Reaper's scythe as could be. Measuring in at a whopping 79 inches overall, this sickle means business! The massive black forged blade is razor sharp with a wicked curve, measuring approximately 24 inches across. The handle is realistically carved of wood and can be disassembled for storage or easier transport. Measures 79 inches long, That's Over 6-1/2 Feet with a 2-Foot Sickle Blade!

Retail: $59.95

SALE: $38.95
Fantasy Skull Gauntlet Handspike
Fantasy Skull Gauntlet Handspike
Fantasy Skull Gauntlet Handspike:
With this gauntlet strapped to your arm there is no question you are the man in charge! The three piercing spikes stretch 11-1/2 inches long and are constructed from solid stainless steel. The palm cover is cast metal construction with unique details down to each bone! With an overall length of 17 inches, this monstrous handspike will not only protect your grip but will send your foes running in the other direction.

Retail: $57.95

SALE: $36.95

48-inch Alien Batliff
48-inch Alien Batliff
48-inch Alien Batliff:
Warp speed sir, and bring me my alien sword - the most honorable weapon. This massive 48 inch alien weapon is straight out of your favorite sci-fi series and movie. It doesn't get any more realistic than this with the all-stainless construction and padded leather-wrapped grips. It isn't factory sharpened, but can be brought to an edge with ease!

Retail: $99.95

SALE: $69.95
Fantasy Skull Axe With Plaque
Fantasy Skull Axe With Plaque
Fantasy Skull Axe With Plaque:
Send terror in to all your visitor's eyes with this Fantasy Skull Axe hanging on your castle wall. Each axe features a menacing stainless steel blade with a unique spiked, medieval appearance. A skull is cast into the axe head and more spikes than you can count are on the leather wrapped handle. Includes a wooden plaque for display. 14-1/2 inches overall.

Retail: $89.95

SALE: $49.95
Fantasy Dragon Axe With Plaque
Fantasy Dragon Axe With Plaque
Fantasy Dragon Axe With Plaque:
Hang this Beast of a Blade Fantasy Dragon Axe on the wall of your castle! Each dragon axe offers an intricately detailed cast metal handle in the shape of a dragon's head. A razor-sharp axe blade features more colorful dragon artwork and a matching wooden wall plaque is included to display your new treasure. 14-1/2 inches overall.

Retail: $36.95

SALE: $34.95
Darksiders Chaos Eater Sword And Display
Darksiders Chaos Eater Sword And Display
Darksiders Chaos Eater Sword And Display:
Penned by legendary comic book artist Joe Madureira, Darksiders is set in a Post-Apocalyptic, demon-ravaged world where evil forces have prematurely brought about the end of the time. Darksider players take on the role of War - the first of the Four Horsemen - as he embarks on a brutal quest of vengeance against the forces that betrayed him with the help of his phantom steed Ruin. We have matched as closely as possible every detail, right down to the faces sculpted into the blade, and the fine, battle-worn nicks and dents. Each steel-reinforced, cold-cast replica features a hand-polished alloy blade surface, with hand-painted and weathered surface details, just like a high-quality film prop. The grip is wrapped in highgrade, genuine leather. Included is a custom wall display. Each replica has been individually serialized and marked with the THQ copyright and trademark identification, to ensure its authenticity.

Retail: $325.95

SALE: $174.95
God of War Kratos Blade of Chaos
God of War Kratos Blade of Chaos
God of War Kratos Blade of Chaos:
This authentically detailed sword is an exact replica of the pair wielded by Kratos in Sony Studios hit video game series 'The God of War' United Cutlery, the industry leader in movie and game collectible replicas, has meticulously re-created the sword. The blade is cast from zinc aluminum material with custom etched mold textures and features fantasy grindings that mirror the piece carried by Kratos. The replica was created using the finest grade materials and craftsmanship available. Also included is a custom tabletop display stand with God of War insignia and fantasy silkscreen along with a certificate of authenticity. As with all United Cutlery collectibles, close attention to quality is a top priority. The design of The Blade of Chaos was overseen by master replica supervisor, Kit Rae. Each replica is marked with the appropriate copyrights to ensure authenticity. Grab one at this incredible price before they're sold out!

Retail: $224.95

SALE: $89.95
Skeleton Chaser Axe
Skeleton Chaser Axe
Skeleton Chaser Axe:
Dive into the realms of a fantasy axe never before experienced! Featuring two solid cold hard stainless steel axe heads surrounding outstretched metal spikes and cold cast poly resin skull face. The aluminum shaft is constructed with cast metal accents and a wire wrapped grip. Includes hardwood wall plaque. A Huge 24-3/8 inches overall!

Retail: $63.95

SALE: $39.95
The Albion Axe
The Albion Axe
The Albion Axe:
Named for Albion, the mythical land once inhabited by chivalrous knights who so bravely protected their quaint villages. Constructed with a 8-1/2 inch stainless steel axe head with 4 inch rear blade. The traditional handle is accented with cast metal spacers and solid metal tip. 21-1/2 inches overall. Includes wall mount display plaque.

Retail: $59.95

SALE: $35.95
Obsidian and Bone Knife
Obsidian and Bone Knife
Obsidian and Bone Knife with Sheath:
Now you can own one of the knives from your favorite epic science fiction film! This movie replica knife is constructed of synthetic obsidian with a bone handle. The nylon cord-wrappings on the handle add to the ruggedness of this blade. Includes leather belt sheath with a snap button closure. 7 inch blade, 13-1/4 overall.

Retail: $28.95

SALE: $19.95
Brass Paperweight
Brass Knuckle Paperweight
Brass Paperweight:
This piece is approximately 1/2 lb. of solid brass and its compact size makes it ideal for a paperweight.

Retail: $29.95

SALE: $22.95
300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword
300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword
300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword:
Make your own stand against the Persians! This is an exact replica of the sword carried by the famed King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. The heroic performance of these fierce warriors is remembered even today as a symbol of courage against overwhelming odds. We offer you the opportunity to relive the legend and to experience the power of this mighty sword. This sword measures 34 1/2"" overall and breathes strength. The 26 inch heat-forged blade is heat tempered from solid carbon steel and is nearly an amazing 1/2 inch thick. The leather wrapped handle is contoured and surrounded by the distinctive extended guard and pommel. Relive the history of the Spartans with this sword in your hand!

Retail: $49.95

SALE: $34.95
The Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai Scimitar Sword
LOTR Uruk Hai Scimitar Sword
The Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai Scimitar Sword:
This officially licensed reproduction sword from The Lord of the Rings is the scimitar wielded by the vicious Uruk Hai. The Uruk Hai were created by the dark lord Sauron, but the traitorous wizard Saruman also developed a stronger version to destroy Rohan by crossbreeding orcs and men. This sword features a 24-3/4 inches of crude high carbon steel blade and leather wrapped wood handle over the full tang construction. This item offers the exact details from the original piece and includes a display plaque.

Retail: $149.95

SALE: $88.95
Tom Anderson Chronicles of Riddick Dual Saber Claw Display
Tom Anderson Chronicles of Riddick Dual Saber Claw Display
Tom Anderson Chronicles of Riddick Dual Saber Claw Display:
Classic Tom Anderson creations from the hit movie, The Chronicles of Riddick. Featuring Two, 12 1/2 inch black-coated stainless steel knives with 11 inch wrap around blades accented with saw teeth on the back edge. Includes tabletop stand to display together.

Retail: $41.95

SALE: $28.95
Devil May Cry Red Queen Sword of Nero
Devil May Cry Red Queen Sword of Nero
Devil May Cry Red Queen Sword of Nero:
And you thought it would be impossible for anyone but Nero to wield the Red Queen. Now, even you can rev her throttle just like Nero in Devil May Cry 4. This sword may not blast flames of exhaust like Nero's, but this authentic replica stretches a massive 42 inches overall length and offers a 31-3/4 inch stainless steel blade (false-edged). A genuine-leather-wrapped grip will feel great on your palms when you're showing this beast off to all your gaming friends. Each sword is individually serial numbered and comes with a display case for displaying this treasure. Best Price Anywhere!

Retail: $399.95

SALE: $169.95
30 inch Spiked Steel Mace Club
Spiked Mace Flail
30 inch Spiked Steel Mace Club:
You've never seen a mace like this wicked beast! At 30 inches overall, it's the perfect length to deliver devastating blows at a short distance. Each hammered, cast metal mace has a 15 inch chain attached to its head, making it easier to render punishment from a distance. The handle is accented with a brass-plated cap at the bottom of the mace. The Spiked Steel Ball weighs a Pound!

Retail: $38.95

SALE: $24.95
Medieval Double Ball Flail
Medieval Double Ball Flail
Medieval Double Ball Flail:
This ancient weapon was once used by foot soldiers as a deadly weapon. After the 16th Century, flails were used only as historical decoration. Each fine replica is hand crafted from top quality materials. The Two, 1 Pound spiked steel balls are supported by a studded chain attached to a 15-1/2 inch rivited hardwood handle.

Retail: $39.95

SALE: $28.95
Medieval War Club With Steel Spikes
Medieval War Club Woven With Spikes
Medieval War Club With Steel Spikes:
At 24 inches long overall, this gigantic mace is one massive piece of work. Wrapped in anodized stainless steel spikes around its wooden head, this mace delivers devastating blows to any target. The ergonomic wooden handle makes it easy to hold on to while swinging. This beast will shatter a cinder block!

Retail: $39.95

SALE: $32.95

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